New Homes Update

This page will be used to keep you up to date with the latest on the 56 homes that may have to come to North Marston over the next 20 years.

Housing Plan pres[642] 

Please note: The Parish Council (PC) presented the findings of the Housing questionnaire which had a 35% response. The aim of the questionnaire was to engage the community to hear your thoughts and deliver the message that this is the villages’s plan. It must be emphasized that the PC had had no input into the decision behind sites currently deemed as unsuitable and that this was purely a AVDC decision based on plots of land being submitted to AVDC. The reasons
for the unsuitability are at a point in time and will change if developers buy land or land owners decide to sell. Please see Moving forward the PC will use the findings to develop a neighbourhood plan and so if there is a need to build houses in the future the PC have the first information at hand to then go back to the Village for further consultation.

12th April 2017 Parish Council Housing Survey – pdf

12th April 2017 VALP Update Letterpdf

12th April 2017 VALP committee minutes

12th April 2107 revised-dates-for-VALPpdf



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