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The magazine has gone from strength to strength since October 2018 and now there are regular features every month for everyone to read, from nature notes to quizzes, to the history of the villages, plus regular updates on Community projects, Neighbourhood Plans for both villages and regular articles that will affect our village in the future for example OX-Cam Expressway and HS2 and much more.

The feedback has been amazing and it is now seen, from those that already subscribe, as the place to go to keep up with village news. The new subscriptions for the year start with the November issue in November 2019 and We would love you to be part of this Community magazine. Attached is a copy of the latest magazine which we hope you will enjoy.

We are looking at sponsor opportunities so hopefully long term the magazine will be self-funded. Until that time we need to ask for a small donation of only £10 for 12 months (83p per month).  If you would like to receive the magazine, attached is a subscription form which we ask to be completed and posted in the NM shop postbox.

The magazine keeps you updated on all news in North Marston & Granborough. Please let us know what you think at

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Parish Mag October 2019

Editors and Volunteers Needed

The NM&G magazine team are looking at ways to reduce the costs incurred in producing the magazine to head towards the objective of being completely self funded. To achieve this there are a few voluntary positions available that will report to the Parish Councils who will maintain the control of the magazine:

  1. An editor who  collates all the information each month from around 50 contacts, collates and distributes the monthly magazines, maintains the lists of advertisers and subscriptions as well as look for sponsorship. (15-20 hours a month)
  2.  An editor who takes all the information and produces the magazine using an online package (10 hours a month)
  3. Volunteers can contribute to aspects of these roles or the complete role. 

If you are able to help please email

Kind Regards

The Magazine Team