Animal Antiks

Our aim at Animal Antiks is to open hearts, unlock minds and inspire young people.  To achieve this we operate an alternative day provision based at Manor Farm in North Marston.  Each day we welcome and support children and adults who are experiencing various challenges in their lives.  This can include physical and mental health difficulties, difficulties accessing mainstream education or being at risk of school exclusion or experiencing social isolation and exclusion.  We currently have about 50 clients regularly attending, some for a couple of hours a week, whilst others attend five days and undertake their education onsite.  Our approach is to create a diverse groups of people with various needs, to work together in this safe and calm environment, to carry out a variety of tasks and activities around the farm.  We use our large animal family of horses, ponies, alpacas, goats, pigs, sheep, chicken and dogs to assist with the activities and their therapy. We find that working on the farm, carrying out these types of activities help to reduce their anxieties, increase their confidence and build on their life and social skills and knowledge.  We are always interested in exploring new activities with our clients and would be interested in hearing from anyone who has a few hours to spare to share their skills, whether it is craft based, woodworking or gardening we love to try out new things.   More details and news about what is happening at Animal Antiks can be found at our website

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