CURRENT APPLICATIONS: considered at the October meeting of the Parish Council

1. 22/02219/APP and 22/02220/ALB: Single storey extension at Hill Farm House – Listed Building (Extended time period for comment by PC granted by BC case officer ends 11th October).

2. 22/02602/APP: The extension of an agricultural building and a slurry lagoon at Manor Farm (Animal Antiks).

NOTE: 22/02378/ALB for a five-bar gate between Nos. 2 and High Street Loop Road has been withdrawn pending further investigation by Buckinghamshire Council Officers.

The Principal Authority, Buckinghamshire Council, notifies the Parish Council of all applications in the capacity of a Consultee only.

The Parish Council ensures that applications are considered at the next Parish Council meeting. Residents are invited to attend to share their views and tell the Parish Council how they would like it to respond. In the absence of public opinion the Parish Council will discuss each application and, if necessary, vote on whether to support an application or not and give its reasoning. 

However, it is the Principal Authority, Buckinghamshire Council, that decides whether an application is in accordance with Planning Law and whether it is finally approved or not.  

To find out more please visit Buckinghamshire Council’s website which has  information about Building and Planning Control matters:

Planning and Building Control | Buckinghamshire Council

To find out about a particular Planning application in North Marston or in the Aylesbury Vale area, please visit the public access pages on Buckinghamshire Council’s website at:

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If you have an interest in an application, please tell a Councillor or attend the meeting at which it is to be discussed.  We welcome your opinion, our role in this process is to represent the public view.