Ox-Cam Expressway

  • The Expressway is a fast, high-quality dual carriageway or a 3-lane motorway linking Oxford and Cambridge via Milton Keynes.
  • The project is designed to support “aspirational development”, with a proposed total of one million new houses along the arc, more than half of which are uniquely associated with the expressway (the remainder in existing Local Plans).
  • This new road is expected to carry 1.3 million freight movements a year and will provide the “missing link” bringing containers from Felixstowe and Southampton (two of our biggest container ports) to the rest of the country.

In Autumn 2019, Highways England is due to reveal a number of route options for public consultation; public opinion may then be taken into account in the next stage. ● Highways England will choose its preferred single route, which is due to be announced in Autumn 2020. There will then be further public consultation. ● Once the final route has been selected Highways England will submit all plans to the Planning Inspectorate for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs). ● The appointed Planning Inspector runs a process which takes no more than 14 months, at the end of which the Inspector will make a recommendation to the Minister of State for Transport. ● Once approved, construction of the Expressway is planned to start in 2025 and is due for completion by 2030.

For FAQs, latest news and updates visit: www.noexpressway.org