Parish Council Information

This Page will include the latest information from the Parish Council

Annual Reports for 2019/20

Brownies Report1 Buckinghamshire Council Churchwardens’ Report 2020 Village Meeting History Club Report Marston Monday Club2020 NM G Community Sportsfield update May 2020 NM school report NP report Poors Piece & Clocklands Report MADS 2020 shop report The Well Report

North Marston Emergency Community Plan

The new Oxford to Cambridge Expressway

2016/2017 Audit has been concluded and the statement of accounts has been published. The rights of inspection conferred on local government electors by section 25 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014. Those rights can be exercised by emailing for a copy at 10p/sheet or email is free.

news for the parish July 2017pdf